Why Has The Frederick Community Bank Changed Internet Banking Platforms?

The Frederick Community Bank wants to give you more stuff!  New features and products that were not available in our last Internet Banking platform.

Here are some new product highlights:

  • Mobile Deposit Capture
  • Picture-Pay Bill Payments
  • Integrated eStatements with Images
  • Easy to Use Bill Pay 
  • Enhanced Security Features & Fraud Alerts 
  • Shazam Bolts Integration in Mobile App

How Do I Get eStatements / How Do I Signup For eStatements?

The Frederick Community Bank eStatements are now hosted through Internet Banking.  Hosting eStatements in Internet Banking is a secure way to access your statement information.

You will have to have an Internet Banking account to signup for and receive eStatements.  If you have not signed up through Internet Banking before your next statement cycle a paper statement will be printed and mailed to you (and may generate an additional reoccurring cost).

Why Does Bill Pay Look Different?

Our Bill Pay platform was changed along with the Internet Banking Platform change.  The new Bill Pay platform is with Allied Payments and will allow for new features that were not available in the old platform. 

You can now setup bill pay payees with a snap of a picture with Picture Pay, as well as send Person to Person (P2P) payments instantly to anyone with a debit card.  The new Bill Pay Platform will also allow you to see and track payments (including checks generated by the Bill Pay system)!

Account Enrollment to be Active Soon!

The Frederick Community Bank will roll out online account enrollment by October 25, 2019.  This will allow customers to signup for Internet Banking if they don't already have an Internet Banking account with the bank.