The Frederick Community Bank wants you to know about the numerous resources that are available for you our customers.  From financial education and budgeting tips to Fraud Prevention and Credit Reporting help, here is a list of resources that are at your disposal:

Consumer Awareness

Identity Theft & Fraud Prevention

Credit Reporting

  • Free Annual Credit Report:
  • Trans Union: 1-800-680-7289 or visit them online at
  • Equifax: 1-800-525-6285 or visit them online at
  • Experian: 1-888-397-3742 or visit them online at
  • If you believe a credit reporting agency (listed above) is not placing a credit freeze or fraud alert accurately or properly, you can make a complaint online or by calling 855-411-2372.
  • Fraud Alerts, when placed with a credit bureau, are a year long and can be extended with documentation.  To place a fraud alert, visit and start a case there.

Credit Freezes

Free credit freezes (sometimes known as security freezes) restrict access to your credit file at the national credit bureau you place them with. Credit Freezes make it harder for identity thieves to open new credit in your name. Credit freezes are free to place and are now available for your children who are under the age of 16.

You can place a credit freeze with any one or all of the national credit bureaus below:

Don’t confuse credit freezes with credit locks or credit monitoring. Credit freezes are free (and guaranteed by federal law), but credit monitoring and credit locks (sold by the credit bureaus) may have fees.

Also remember, if you do need to make a large purchase in the future (such as a vehicle purchase or buying a new home), you will need to lift the credit freeze and then reapply the credit freeze after your purchase. Just contact the firm or financial institution and find out which credit bureaus they utilize when making credit decisions).

For Active-Duty Military Personnel

For military personnel, you’ll still have access to active-duty alerts, which let you place a fraud alert for a year at a time, renewable yearly for the time you’re deployed. Active-duty alerts also gives you a bonus benefit: the credit reporting agencies will remove your name off their marketing lists for prescreened credit card offers for two years (unless you ask them to add you back on).