What is Positive Payment?

Positive Payment (or Positive Pay as it is sometimes referred) is one of the Frederick Community Bank’s many tools to combat Check Fraud.  Unfortunately check fraud is on the rise, where fraudsters intercept checks in the mail and alter said checks to different payees and/or amounts and try to get those altered checks to be drawn on your business accounts.  If your business still generates or writes checks, Positive Payment is a service you need to utilize!

How Does Positive Payment Work?

Positive Payment works by comparing a check issue file your business sends to the bank through our Internet Banking Platform to checks that come in to be drawn on your checking account.  Our Internet Banking System will then allow you to make payment and rejection decisions on checks that don’t match with what is on your business’s check issue file.  You’ll be able to see the check(s) in question to see if they were altered in any way from when your business created them.

Features & Benefits

  • You can view exception items against your issued items file.
  • You can view the exception item checks and verify payee and amount information as well as signatures.
  • Lower your fraud exposure to amount altered and payee altered checks.
  • Our friendly staff can help you with any questions you may have with Positive Payment.

How Do We Sign Up?

Positive Payment services are per account and must be requested in-person at the bank.  We will work with your business to fill out a custom Positive Payment profile and sign an agreement for Positive Payment services.  Easy as 1-2-3!